When looking into a glass, optimists would say "It's half full, I still have half to drink! "
however, pessimists would say "It's half empty...I am almost done..."

  We should focus on what we have, and brush off what we don't have. We might not be rich, but at least we have lovely friends and family. Don't be jealousy , it would make you worried about things which are even not your business.

  Sometimes I also feel a little bit depressed, I would go out side to do some exercise(playing basketball). Doing exercise regularly make me tend to get rid of all the annoying stuff.........temporarily. I don't like nervous feelings at all, because they affect me tremendously, make me feel stress and go into disorder.
  Recently, I find a very good way to get way from anixety, that is...........sleep!sleep!sleep! Have a good sleep, have a good dream, stress-related hormones would release into your blood to heal yourself....

  Learn to cope with anxiety constructively may be more important than just look on the bright side. Don't keep thinking about the bad things and think it over and over. Be wise to tell what can be changed, what can be controlled. Take stress as challenge , and never say -- "Give up !".

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