I have tutored many students since studying in college, maybe you would wonder why I choose it as my part time job, well , here are the reasons.
  1. I feel achieved when my student indeed improves. I focus on teaching how to learn things efficiently,not just giving them overload material and ask they to digest them without thinking it throughly. In Chinese saying, we would say : "給他魚吃, 不如教他怎麼捕魚". It means, being a good teacher, teaching your students how to catch the fish is much better than just giving him the fish to eat. Once your students learn the skill, when they encoutered a new problem, they still can handle it, not just waiting for someone to give them the guideline. A good teacher can train them to be the creative leaders, no just the followers. That's what I find interesing in tutoring.
  2. Interaction is the main difference between tutorial lessons and that in school. The shool teacher dominate the time, they keep talking in the class, and the students just sit there, keep taking notes, until the class is over. I wonder how much percentage they can understand about the lessons. In tutorial lessons, if the student can challenge what a teacher taught , there might be lots of issues behind a given theorem or postulate, by discussion, student can gain more knowledge and information from teacher. Student can also observe the way teacher explain the reason, and the way they determine the accuracy.  

  I am teaching junior high school math right now. Since she has lived in Australia for a long period time, I have to teach her in English so that she can understand better. From the way she acts, something I admire her is, she wouldn't pretend she have understanded what I taught. When she finds something she doen't understand, she would stop, look very confused, stare at the midair, eager to figure it out. At that time, I would give her the hints to help her.Sigh...I think I really talk too much, sometimes I even tell her the final answer........It's wrong for a teacher, I should avoid it !

  In the last exam, she got 96 grades ! As far as I am converned, it's not much difference between 96 and 100, the only thing that matters is if you really know the way to learn.Anway.....Congratulations! Really proud of you!

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