One of the most famous ICRT DJ gave us a very good speech. This is her homepage on ICRT.

       Actually, I seldom listen to ICRT radio, but Studio Classroom. ICRT is music-based , it doesn't talk about a wide range of topics, such as politics, religions, literature. Trafic broadcasting is their focus ,because lots of people would listen to it so that sponsors can do advertisement.

        She is a very easy-going girl, born in Philippines. Her mother came from Tainan, and her father is overseas Chinese. She majors in advertisement when in university. Since her Mandarin is not very good, she decided to choose the job that doens't need excellent Chinese. She started as a copy writer In ICRT.As far as she is concerned,  translating Chinese to English is not too difficult, but translating English to Chinese is going to kill her, as she said. For those born in Taiwan, I think the condition is oppsite, Chinese to English is not a problem, but English to Chinese is challenging.

  1. Practice makes perfect : Her mother is very strict, when her was little, her mom enforced her to do lots of homwork, practice writing ㄅ ㄆ ㄇ ㄈ ten times every single day.. If her mother didn't enforce her to do that, she wouldn't take the initiative to do that tedious homework. So she really appreciate her mom. The most funny thing is, her mother subscribed for 國語日報 for her to study, haha....that's my favorite magazine in my childhood.... can't help laughing. That's OK ! As she said, if your English has lots of grammatical mistake, it's natural that people would laugh. Don't be afraid to make mistake, although they laught at you, they would tell you the right way for correction, next time when you are gonna say the same thing, you won't make the same mistake again.Your English will improve rapidly through this way. I can't agree with her point of view! 
  2. Be aggressive , grab any chances to talk to the people who speak English :  When someone speaks the same language as you, you will feel like being at home. is the tips of how to start when meeting a foreigner or ABC.  "Hey man.....nice shoes...."  hmm...I hope this guy is not wearing a slipper . That would be very embarrasing for you to say that !
  3. Listening is just part of learning English, reading magazine, and taking notes, put them at the place which is convinient for you to see. Many people ask her for help. "Why still can't I understand all the contents of ICRT ?" OK, if you can't understand them, rewind, rewind! Until you haved really understanded it. The improvement of listening is gradual, just take easy ! You just don't get used to the pronunciation , maybe your vocabulary is not big enough, don't worry, just keep on listening. Someday you will find you can understand above 80% ! Actually when you are listening, you are learning too....Don't stop and look up the word you don't understand when listening...  if the word is very commonly used , it would show up in a very hight frequency. The more you read, the more you see it. So don't be too eager to find what it really means.

At the end of the speech, the host asked her a very sensitve question. "What's the criteria of being your Mr. Right"...

"Well..Well..Well....When the pepole know my name, they are curious whether I get married or not , since I am a asian girl but have a totally western name! Hey see, I don't have a ring on my finger, I am available, free to everyone! are asking me a good question, my answer is, the guy, who can make me laugh! Being nice and romantic is a good thing, but.....I get bored easily, so I really like to get along with optimistic and humor person!"

"Am I qualified...???" murmuring and yelling in my heart...but of course I am just kidding... Very nice speech, thanx for your coming !

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  • ML
  • I came to read your diary every once a while, you must <br />
    be really into "Learning English". Good for you!! and way <br />
    to go!! Your English is very good, are you planning to go <br />
    aboard to study in the near future??<br />
    The reason I came out of water to say hi to you is <br />
    because of this diary about Emily David, I just started to <br />
    give chinese lessons to my daughter(also named Emily) <br />
    lately, My husband is an American, My daughter was <br />
    born here in US, she speaks good Chinese but couldn't <br />
    read and write it yet, I have met some families from <br />
    Taiwan over the past years, most of their US born <br />
    children could hardly speak any Chinese!! It is pitiful!!<br />
    Anyway,I really enjoy reading your diary, keep it coming!!<br />
  • iris
  • Hi! i just have a little advice. From my personal <br />
    experience, i think watching news would be very helpful <br />
    (English ones, of course) in improving your listening <br />
    skill, especially when you don't have captions. <br />
    Furthermore, my teacher also said that you could stick <br />
    post-its when you see a word you don't know, then look <br />
    it up after you finish the book. Sometimes you can also <br />
    know the meaning of words from context clues.