It’s only one semester left for my graduation, some of you might be very interested in what I am working on, well, I would like to talk about my research topic briefly today, so those who don't major in computer science completely still can understand I am talking about.

      The goal of my thesis would focus on medical application. For the patients who suffer from the pain of disease (trigger finger), we provide a vision-based system for dynamic joint angle workspace evaluation and bone segment orientation estimation from video sequence. Glove- based devices capture human hand motion directly, but are expensive and hard to use. Vision-based hand tracking is a cost-effective, non-invasive alternative! However, due to the high degree of freedom of human hand and occlusion problem, it increases he difficulties of tracking all the feature points through the whole video sequence.

     What can I do after my graduation? Well, R&D is one I can think of. R&D means, Research and Development, for most of the technology company, R&D department is the kernel. You have to do analysis, realize the requirements of the customers, create the desired products, and then put the idea into practice. The whole process needs time and money. Besides, you have to make sure what you are doing can not be easily cloned by others you can take the lead to your competitors. I have decided the company I would enter after my graduation, I am not going to show it in public, if you are interested, just inform me.

“Keep healthy, face the challenge!”  - 

From Michael Jordan when he secondly retired.

      The words really inspired me. Now I would like to enforce myself to keep regular life (never stay up too late up to 2:00 AM, and get up at 8: 30 AM), eat fruit and vegetables frequently, and do exercise at least one time a week. There are too much people sacrificing their health to earn money, and then spend the money they earned to bring their health back. How ironic it is!  I hope this won’t happen to me.


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  • moonrivers
  • hi~hopely you have graduated!<br />
    Reading your English diary really encourages me to learn Englisg<br />
    well. For example, I could keep English diary from time to time,<br />
    but I admit it's hard. It's great to read your fullfill dairy! Interesting!